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Q: Who was the youngest player to ever play football and what country did he play for?
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Who is the youngest ever player manager in football?

Raul Paueve'

Who is the youngest ever football player in the world cup?

Peter Crouch aged 7.3

What is the youngest age for a professional football player?

The youngest ever player in the English Football League is Reuben Noble-Lazarus who was 15 years and 45 days old when he came on as a substitute for Barnsley against Ipswich Town, September 30th 2008.

Was dDavid Beckham the youngest player ever to score a goal ina football world cup final?

No David Beckham is not the youngest player to score a goal in the world cup. the record is held by the great Brazilian Pele.

WHO IS currently the youngest player in the NFL?

the youngest NFL player ever is Houston Texans DT Amobe Okoye

Youngest player to ever play for Cleveland Indians?

The 17-year old Feller became the youngest player ever to play a regular season game.

Who is the best youngest soccer player that has ever lived?


Was michael Owen the youngest ever world cup player for england?

It was another man who is the youngest and not Michael Owen.

What is the youngest age for a basketball player?

I believe the youngest ever player to enter the NBA was Andrew Bynum of the Lakers. He was 17 years old when he made it.

Who is the youngest player ever to play in the world cup finals?


Who is the youngest player to ever play a nba game?

Kobe Bryant

How much would Jacob froggatt cost?

75.000.000 IS HOW MUCH HE IS WORTH one cracking football player he is and his wages should be super expensive his football he has played for is killimarsh Dynamoes, Kiveton park, Sheffield utd, Liverpool , Sheffield utd he also plays for England as well he is the youngest football player ever for the blades