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Q: Who was the youngest boxer to win wbc wba and ibf?
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What boxer has most titles?

Oscar De La Hoya - 6 WBO Junior Lightweight title; World WBO, IBF Lightweight titles;World WBC Junior Welterweight title;World WBC Welterweight title (failed to win IBF title);World WBC, WBA Junior Middleweight titles: WBO Middleweight title (failed to win World WBA, WBC, IBF titles).Thomas Hearns - 5World WBA Welterweight title;World WBC Junior Middleweight title;WBC, WBA Light Heavyweight titles:WBC Middleweight title (failed to win World WBA, WBC, IBF titles):WBO Super Middleweight title (failed to win the WBC title in controversial bout).'Sugar' Ray Leonard - 5World WBC, WBA Welterweight titles;WBA Jr. Middleweight title (failed to win WBC title);World WBC Middleweight title:WBC Super Middleweight title (failed to win WBO title):WBC Light Heavyweight title. (Won SMW and LHW titles in same bout).Floyd Mayweather, Jr. - 5WBC Junior Lightweight title;World WBC Lightweight;WBC Junior Welterweight title;World WBC, IBF Welterweight titles:World WBC Junior Middleweight title.

What is Sugar Shane Mosley famous for?

Sugar Shane Mosley is famous as a professional boxer. He has won IBF, WBA and WBC world titles in his career over three weight divisions. He is currently 41 years old.

Current boxing heavyweight champ?

Vladimir Klitschko is the IBF, WBO, WBA and IBO champion Vitali Klitschko is the WBC champion

Who is today heavy weight champion?

WBA Champ - Nicolai Valuev IBF/IBO Champ - Wladimir Klitschko WBC/WBO Champ - Vitali Klitschko

How many belts has Manny Pacquiao won?

wbo jr lightweight title wbo and ibf lightweight titles wbc super lightweight (jr welterweight) title wbc, wba and ibf welterweight titles wbc jr middleweight title wbo middleweight title after a comeback, he won back the wbc jr middleweight title just before his fight with mayweather jr.

Has an prison inmate ever held a boxing title?

None that would be 1st Echelon titles (modern day that being the four group of: WBC; WBA; IBF; WBO)

Who is hasim rahman?

former IBO IBF and WBC heavyweight champion and known for knocking out lennox lewis. Hes a Muslim boxer :)

Did lennox Lewis retire as the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion?

Lewis had the wbc, ibf and ibo titles as well as the ring magazine and linear championships, and he also held the wba strap for a while too.

Where did Mike Tyson win at the 1987 WBC?

Tyson won the wbc title in November '86 at the Hilton hotel, Nevada, and added the wba title in march '87 at the same venue, defending both titles against pinklon thomas at the same arena again in may, then beating tony tucker for the ibf title in august @ the ......guess where?

Who currently holds the heavy weight title?

vladimir klitschko is the ibf, ibo & wbo champion vitali klitschko is the wbc champion ruslan chagev, despite recently losing to vladimir, is still the wba titleholder. nicolai valuev is the wba "interim" titleholder (i can't explain it either).

Who was Mike Tyson first professional fight against?

Tyson's first professional loss was to Buster Douglas for the IBF/WBA/WBC heavyweight titles in 1990.

When was straw weight in boxing introduced?

The IBF were the first to introduce the division as "Mini Flyweight" in June 1987. The WBC introduced it as Strawweight in October '87 The WBA introduced it as Minimumweight in Jan '88 The WBO brought it in in Aug '89.