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Jeff Gordon

---For WINSTON CUP titles, yes, Jeff Gordon is the youngest. Youngest NASCAR Champion was Bill Rexford, who won the championship of what would become Winston Cup (and now, Sprint Cup) in 1950, at the age of 23. He is also the only driver from the Northeast to win a title, and was the last Northerner to win a title until Alan Kulwicki won in 1992.

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Q: Who was the youngest Nascar Winston Cup champion?
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Which Nascar driver won the Winston Cup championship in 2001?

Jeff Gordon was the 2001 Winston Cup champion.

Who was the 1986 Nascar Winston Cup champion?

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Who was the 1995 Nascar Winston Cup Series champion?

Jeff Gordon

Who won the Nascar Winston Cup championship in 2000 and 2001?

Bobby Labonte won the Winston Cup Series championship in 2000 and Jeff Gordon was the 2001 champion.

How many times has Darrell Waltrip been the Nascar Winston Cup Champion?

Three- 1981, 1982 and 1985.

Who won the Nascar Winston Cup championship in 1989?

In 1989, Rusty Wallace won the Nascar Winston Cup championship.

Who won the Nascar 2000 Winston Cup championship?

In 2000, Bobby Labonte won the Nascar Winston Cup championship.

What year did Nascar start the Winston Cup Series?

Winston Cup Series 1971

Who won the 1996 Nascar Winston Cup Series championship?

Terry Labonte won the 1996 Nascar Winston Cup Series championship.

How many Nascar Winston Cup wins did Dale Earnhardt Sr. have?

Dale Earnhardt Sr. had 76 Nascar Winston Cup wins.

Who was the latest Winston Cup Series champion?

The most recent NASCAR Sprint Cup (formerly Nextel Cup and Winston Cup) series champion was Tony Stewart, who tied Carl Edwards in the 2011 Chase For the Sprint Cup, and was awarded the championship based on number of wins compared to Carl Edwards. After the 2003 Winston Cup season the name was changed to Nextel Cup. The winner of the last Championship under the title Winston Cup was Matt Kenseth in the 2003 series.

What is the NASCAR Winston Cup Series now called?

It is now called the Nascar Sprint Cup Series.

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