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The popular Nascar driver, Jeff Gordon, is not gay.

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Q: Is NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon gay?
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Who was the gay Nascar driver?

Currently, there hasn't been a Nascar driver who admitted to being gay.

Did Jeff Gordon say he is gay?

There is no indication that Jeff Gordon said he is gay. He is married and has a child.

Are there any Nascar drivers that are gay or bisexual?

Currently, no Nascar driver has openly admitted to being gay or bisexual.

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Was Nascar driver Tim Richmond gay?

No, he was not. Tim Richmond contracted AIDS from a woman. It was unknown who the exact woman was due to the numerous affairs he had at the time.

What really happened with Jeff Gordon's marriage?

Jeff Gordon's MarriageJeff Gordon married for the 2nd time on 11-07-06, a model whom he met on the set of the movie "Taxi" in which they both appeared. His first marriage ended not because he was gay or because he cheated, those were only nasty tabloid rumors. They divorced because of differences they could not work out.

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