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What is Alpine skiing

Who invented inline skating

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What is Alpine skiing

Who invented inline skating

What condition results when muscles waste away because of neglect

Which sport combined the games of handball and squash

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What is Alpine skiing

Who invented inline skating

What condition results when muscles waste away because of neglect

Which sport combined the games of handball and squash

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Q: Who was the winner of the first figure skating round in 1924?
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How long is each round of figure skating in the Olympics?

4 minutes and 50 seconds

What season is figure skating played?

Competitions are usually in the winter, but you can train all year 'round.

What are the percentages of boys and girls doing ice skating?

It depends on which country you live in and what type of ice skating but on average more girls tend to do figure skating and more boys do speed skating. On average combined, more girls do skating all round. Hope this helped! (:

During what season is figure skating played?

Figure skating is a year- round sport, but skaters train especially hard during the summer because there is soooooooo much extra time without school to worry about. If one stopped skating for even a few weeks, their jumps would be hard to land when they get back. I myself had my appendix removed and I wasn't allowed to skate for two weeks and I could barely land a double flip.Figure skating is in the winter Olympics.

What is a good place for a first date?

movies, ice skating, picnic, round of golf.........

Why does a winner of a round not always have another turn on Wheel of Fortune?

Who starts a round is not determined by who solved the puzzle. Turns are in order set by the winner of the $2000 and $3000 puzzles going first

How do you seed a 5 team single elimination bracket?

First round: 1st seed BYE 2nd v 3rd Seed (Winner will be in Championship game) 4th v. 5th seed Second Round 1st seed will play the winner of 4th v 5th seed. (Winner will be in Championship Game) Championship Game: Winner of 2v3 from first round VS Winner of only Second Round game.

How do you Round 2224 to the first significant figure?


Did a NHL President's Trophy Winner ever get beat in the first round of playoffs?


What figure is a round cake?

A round cake is a circular figure.

What does round to the 1 sf mean?

round to the first significant figure

What is the cash prize for the winner of the English FA Cup?

£1,800,000 for the final round (finals) winner, but after each round a certain amount of money is awarded to the winners of the round, so at the end the winner will surely win approximately £2,800,000

What was the first ice hockey puck made of?

The first hockey pucks were made out of rubber or wood, but were square, not round. The first indoor ice hockey game at Montreal's Victoria Skating Rink (later home to the Canadiens) in 1873 used a round wooden puck.

How is geometry used in figure skating?

Geometry used to be a major factor in creating and judging compulsory, or school figures, the first phase of figure skating competitions until 1991. School figures are still the building blocks of skating technique, skill and discipline, although they are no longer a formal part of competitions. They were a series of figure 8's and other designs skaters had to trace on the ice. Once they were done, the judges walked out onto the ice and measured for circles that were perfectly round and all the same size. They checked to see that all the circles in a figure lined up with themselves and on a central axis. Some excellent videos may be found on YouTube, including one about the 1976 Ladies' Olympic school figures, which shows how the figures are executed and how they are judged.

A solid round figure?

A sphere. In Geometry, it is a round solid figure. Every point on it's surface is an equal distant from it's center.

How much does first round winner make at Wimbledon?

They make 10 ATP points. and 5 WTA points

Solid figure that has the shape of a round ball?

solid figure that has the shape of a round ball

How do you seed a 9 team single elimination bracket?

Use an 8 team bracket with a single play-in game between the 8 and 9 seeded teams. The 8-9 winner plays the 1 seed in the first round The 2 seed plays the 7 seed in the first round. The 3 seed plays the 6 seed in the first round. The 4 seed plays the 5 seed in the first round. The 8/9 vs. 1 winner plays the 2 vs. 7 winner in the semi-finals. The 3 vs. 6 winner plays the 4 vs. 5 winner in the semi-finals. The remaining winners play in the championship while the losers play in a consolation game if one is so ordered.

How do you keep score in volleyball?

once the ball drops on 1 side, then it is a point for the other team; the first team to 25 is the winner of that round; there are 3 rounds, in the last round you play to 15.

How do you round 0.000892 to 1 significant figure?

0.000892 to 1 significant figure is 0.0009 (1st significant figure is the first non-digit from the left, where in this case you can omit the number 2 since it will make no difference to the answer)

What would happen if only one home run was hit in the first round of a home run derby would that be the end and the winner declared?


How much do you win from Wimbledon?

Losers of the first round - 10,250 Losers of the Second round- 17,000 Losers of the Third round - 28,125 Losers of the Fourth round- 50,000 Quarter-Finalists- 93,750 Semi-Finalists- 187,500 Runner-Up- 375,000 WINNER- 750,00 IN TOTAL - 3,925,000

A round figure whose surfaces is all points equidisant from the center?

It is a circle or a sphere

How do the playoffs work in the nfl?

Each of the 4 division winners in each conference make the playoffs. Then 2 wild card teams are given spots in each conference. Making 12 teams in total, 6 from the AFC and 6 from the NFC.The best record of the division winners is given the #1 seed in each conference. The second best division winner in each conference is given the #2 seed. These teams all get first round byes.The 3rd division winner plays the worst wild card team (#6) in the first round and the 4th division winner plays the best wild card team (#5).Home field is determined by the higher seed. After the first round of games the teams are matched up according to seeds. The #1 seed will play the lowest winning seed from the first round. The #2 seed will play the other winner.The winner of the AFC plays the winner of the NFC in the Super Bowl.For all tie breaking info visit There are a series of tie breakers that apply to different situations.

How do you round 5.164 to one decimal place?

The rule when rounding off numbers is "If the first figure to be discarded is 5 or more then the previous figure is increased by 1". As the first figure to be discarded is '6' and this is more than 5 then the previous figure '1' is increased by 1. To one decimal place 5.164 is 5.2