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Sebastain Vettel

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βˆ™ 2011-06-11 09:09:01
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Q: Who was the winner of the Malaysian GP 2011?
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Who was the winner of the Chinese GP 2011?

Lewis Hamilton

Who was the winner of the Turkish GP 2011?

Sebastian Vettel

Who was the winner of the Spanish GP 2011?

Sebastian Vettel

Who was the winner of the Monaco GP 2011?

Sebastian Vettel

Who was the winner of the Australian GP 2011?

Sebastian Vettel

Who won the first Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix?

The Malaysian GP has been the venue of GP2 from 1962-1995 In 1999 it was included in F1 race circuits Eddie Ervine, British won the Malaysian GP 1999 in his Ferrari Second Michael Schumaccher, and third Mika Hakkinen

Who is a Malaysian favorite badminton player in 2011?

The Malaysian favourite badminton player in 2011 is Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

Who was the winner of the Korean GP 2010?

Fernando Alonso

When did Neighbourhood - Malaysian TV series - end?

Neighbourhood - Malaysian TV series - ended in 2011.

Who is the winner of most races in moto gp?

Valentino Rossi

What is the 2011 formula 1 race schedule?

The 2011 Formula 1 season included 18 races. The season was won by Sebastian Vettel of the Red Bull Racing Team. the race schedule for the 2011 season was as follows: 1. Australian GP - 27 March 2. Malaysian GP - 10 April 3. Chinese GP - 17 April 4. Turkish TP - 8 May 5. Spanish GP - 22 May 6. Canadian GP - 12 June 7. European GP - 26 June 8. British GP - 10 July 9. German GP - 24 July 10. Hungarian GP - 31 July 11. Belgian GP - 28 August 12. Italian GP - 11 September 13. Singapore GP - 25 September 14. Japanese GP - 9 October 15. Korean GP - 16 October 16. Indian GP - 30 October 17. Abu Dhabi GP - 13 November 18. Brazilian GP - 27 November

When was the wettest grand prix in formula 1?

The 1991 Australian GP probably - it was so wet and such a disaster they had to stop it after just 16 laps. The 2009 Malaysian GP and the 2011 Canadian GP also spring to mid as examples of really wet recent races, both of which had red flags which either stopped the race or kept it off for hours. The 1984 Monaco GP, 1994 Japanese GP and the 2003 Brazilian GP were also incredibly wet races - perhaps it was one of those.

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