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Q: Who was the unbeaten badminton champion of athens in the year 2004 in olympics?
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What country has Olympics Mythology Athens?

Athens did not have Olympics. It was hosted by Elis.

In what year was the Olympics held in Athens?

2004 was the year the Olympics were held in Athens.

Where was the asthens ancient Olympics held?

The Olympics were held by and in Elis, not Athens. There were the Istmian games near Athens.

Where did the modern Olympics start what was the importantance of the location Athens?

The first modern Olympics was in Athens because it is the capital of the country who had the idea of the original Olympics.

Where is the Olympics in Greece?


What were Athens sports?


When did Athens held the Olympics?

1896 Summer Olympics and 2004 summer Olympics.

Which city held the first Olympics?

The ancient Olympics were held at Olympia, the first modern games were at Athens.

What year was the first summer Olympics for 100 meter dash held?

The 1896 Games in Athens. The first Olympic champion in the 100 meter dash was Tom Burke of the United States.