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chris howard

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Q: Who was the starting tailback on Michigan's 1997 national championship team?
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Did Marcus Allen ever win a national championship?

YES, Marcus Allen did win a national champioship He was a freshman tailback behind All-American tailback Charles White on the 1978 USC National Championship team. The team was coached to the National Championship by head coach John Robinson. Thus, Marcus Allen has won the Heisman Trophy, a National Championship and the Super Bowl.

What position did george rogers play when he played with the New Orleans Saints?

He was the starting tailback.

What does a tailback do on a pass play?

A tailback can either block for the quarterback or go out for a pass.

Is Adrian Peterson a fullback or a tailback?

Adrian Peterson is a tailback otherwise known as half back or running back.

Who is Jeff Demps?

U. Florida tailback

Was john riggins a fullback or a tailback?


Who was the last white tailback to start in the NFL?

Mike Alstott, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Though listed as a fullback, he frequently played tailback and was great at it.

What position is more important fullback or tailback?

AnswerThere are too many factors to say which position is more important. A solid fullback can make an average tailback look better than he is. But, a solid tailback can make an average fullback look better as well. It works both ways.

What is a well known scientist that studies weathering?

john tailback...................... it could be wrong

What does the tailback do?

It's another name for the running back and that's what they do; run the ball.

What position did Jerome Bettis play at Notre Dame?

Tailback 1990-1992

What is a 3 back in football?

No sure but think its a running back or tailback, sorry

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