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I think it was either Kosar or Testaverde. Kelly was passing leader in 80 and 81. Kosar in 83 and 84. Testaverde in 85 and 86. Mike Rodrigue is listed as Miami passing stats leader in 1979, the year before Kelly. Most exciting Pro game I ever attended was an exhibition at Arrowhead, Kelly starting for the Bills and Joe Montana in his first start for K.C. I swear they could hear the roar in Wichita.

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Q: Who was the starting QB at the University of Miami the year before Jim Kelly?
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Who was the university of Miami quarterback in 1977?

Jim Kelly

How many Super Bowl quarterbacks has the University of Miami produced?

The University of Miami has produced one Super Bowl starting quarterback, that being Jim Kelly who was the starter for the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowls XXV, XXVI, XXVII, and XXVIII.

Who was the university of Miami quarterback in 1982?

Jim Kelly Mark Richt was the backup.

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Who was the kicker for university of Miami when Jim kelly was playing there?

Danny Miller in 1979-1981 and Jeff Davis in 1982.

Who were the quarterbacks for the University of Miami Fl?

George Myra, vince Testaverde, Jim Kelly, Bernie Kozar, Steve Walsh

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The University of Miami (Florida) is a secular private university. Miami University (Ohio), is part of the state university system.

University of Miami football before joining the ACC conference?

Big East

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Miami University was created in 1809.

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