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Spud Webb 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) was te smallest (and to even win the NBA slam dunk contest in 1986)...

Nate Robinson is a bit taller (5 ft 9 in (1.75 m))

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Q: Who was the shortest professional mens basketball player to dunk a basketball?
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Who was the first player to dunk a basketball in a professional basketball game?

Kyle (BOY) George

In basketball what is a dunk?

a dunk is when a basketball player j's the ball

Who is the shortest person to ever dunk a basketball on a ten foot rim?

The shortest person to dunk on a ten foot rim is not Anthony Spud Webb, it's Mugsy Bogues. Webb was the shortest person to win the NFL dunk contest.

How short was the shortest person to ever dunk a 10 foot tall basketball goal?

The shortest person to ever dunk a 10 foot tall basketball goal was 5 feet 1 inches tall boy. Several people have dunk a goal at this height.

Who is the shortest person to ever dunk a basketball?

google says Spud Webb but idontk

What is a helicopter in basketball?

A helicopter in basketball is a type of dunk a basketball player may attempt.

Who is the best basketball player to dunk?

Jared Sullinger

Who was the first woman to dunk a basketball?

In a professional game it was Lisa Leslie.jowanna mann

When was the Dunk allowed?

From 1967-1977 were the only years the dunk was not allowed in the NCAA. It has always been legal in professional basketball

In which sport do players slam dunk?

The slam dunk is done in basketball. It is where a player slams a ball through the basketball hoop (thus, a slam dunk). No other sport has this.

Who is the worlds smallest person to dunk a basketball?

Former NBA player, Spud Webb was able to dunk a basketball and he was 5'3" (160 cm).

Who is the shortest college basketball player?

Jacob tucker who playes for Illinois state he is currently 5"1 he also recently won the Allstate slam dunk contest

Who was the shortest white NBA player to dunk?

little short stuff punk

Who was the shortest player to win the NBA's slam dunk contest?

Nate Robinson

Who is the shortest girl recorded to dunk a basketball?

Tudy Reed & demetriade pranks shakayla thomas are both 5 feet 11 inches tall & able to dunk.

What logo has a red basketball player flying for a dunk?

Air Jordan

Who was the first Nba player to dunk a basketball and in what year?

Joe Williams

How many times does the average basketball player dunk in the NBA?


Who won the very first slam dunk contest in the history of professional basketball?

Julius eriving

Is 62 talk for a basketball player?

6' 2'' is the perfect height for a basketball player and it will give your team a tall player to DUNK the ball

First player to dunk a basketball?

No one knows the first player to dunk a basketball, but the first one to dunk a ball in an official game was Bob Kurland. Kurland made his first dunk while playing college ball at Oklahoma State University in 1944 in a game against Temple.

What is a Dunk in basketball?

When a player grabs the ball and touches the rim and puts the ball in the basket which is worth 2 points a dunk

What do you need to do a slam dunk?

To slam dunk, you need a basketball and a basketball hoop. The definition of a slam dunk is pushing the ball through a basketball hoop.

Who was the first male basketball player to dunk?

Ronnie just playin mj

Who ir the shortest player to slam dunk in the nba?

spudd webb, he was 5 foot 7