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Tim Tebow, in 2011.

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Q: Who was the quarterback of the Denver Broncos the last time they won a playoff game?
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How many different quarterbacks have started a playoff game for the Denver Broncos in franchise history?


Where was the Denver Broncos - Pittsburgh Steelers playoff game held?

On January 8, 2012, the Broncos - Steelers AFC WildCard game was held in Denver at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

When was Denver Broncos last playoff game?

2012 AFC Divisional Playoffs vs. the Baltimore Ravens.

When did Peyton Manning win his first playoff game?

January 4, 2004 against the Denver Broncos by the score of 41-10. It was the 4th playoff game in his career.

Who won the Denver Broncos - Pittsburgh Steelers playoff game on January 8 2012?

On January 8, 2012, the Denver Broncos defeated the Steelers in the AFC WildCard game, by the score of 29-23 in overtime.

Who was the first black quarterback to start in a professional football game?

Marlin Briscoe for the Denver Broncos in 1968

Who played quarterback for Denver Broncos in 2003 payoff game?

Jake Plummer ... it was his first season with the team.

Which quarterback took the broncos to their 1st playoff game?

Craig Morton in 1977. They went all the way to the Superbowl, but lost

Which Denver Broncos quarterback holds the record for most passing yards in a game?

The Denver Bronco's quarterback who holds the record for the most passing yards in a game was Peyton Manning. He passed the record of Drew Brees

What was the most touchdowns Joe Montana ever threw in a playoff game?

5 in Super Bowl XXIV against the Denver Broncos.

What is the record for Denver Broncos vs New York Jets?

The Broncos lead 16-14-1 in the regular season and won the one playoff game between them, the 1998 AFC Title Game.

What was the Score of broncos first playoff game?

The Broncos first ever playoff game was December 24, 1977 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Broncos won, 34-21.

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