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Gino Torretta?

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Q: Who was the quarterback for Miami in the 1992 national championship game?
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Who did Alabama beat in 1992 for national championship?


Who did Alabama play for the 1992 national championship?

University of Miami

What team did Alabama defeat in route to their 1992 National Championship?

The Miami Hurricanes

Who did Alabama defeat to win the 1992 national championship?

Alabama beat the much-heralded University of Miami (with Heisman Trophy winner Gino Torreta as their QB) for the 1992 National Championship. It was a blowout.

Which Miami receiver did george teague strip the ball from in the 1992 national championship?

Lamar Thomas

Who was the Quarterback for Miami won Heisman Trophy in 1992?

Gino Toretta.

What are the release dates for 1992 National League Championship Series - 1992?

1992 National League Championship Series - 1992 was released on: USA: 6 October 1992

Who did Alabama play the 1992 championship game against?

University of Miami

Who was the MVP in the 1992 National Championship?

derrick lassic

What was the 1992 College Football National Championship point spread?


Who did Alabama beat for the national champioinship in 1992?

University of Florida at Miami

Who won the 1992 National Basketball Championship game?

The Duke Blue Devils