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Troy Aikman.

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Q: Who was the quarterback for Dallas Cowboys when the 1999 season began?
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Who was the quarterback of the 1967 Dallas Cowboys?

Roger Staubach was the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys during the 1972 season. He began the calendar year as the winning quarterback of Super Bowl VI after a 24-3 victory over the Miami Dolphins on January 16, 1972.

Did the Dallas Cowboys beat the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens are the only National Football League team that has never been beaten by the Dallas Cowboys. The Ravens, who began playing during the 1996 season, are 4-0 against the Cowboys.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys begin play?

The Cowboys began play in 1960.

What was the year Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were founded in?

The Dallas Cheerleaders and known as the CowBelles and Beaux were created in 1961. They consisted of local High School talent. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as we know them today started in 1972 with the minimum age requirement of 18 years old.

When was the last time the cowboys began the season with three straight losses?

The 2001 Cowboys lost the first four games of the season on their way to a 5-and-11 finish.

What year did Dallas enter the NFL?

Are you thinking of the football expansion? Dallas has had two football teams. In 1952 the Dallas Texans, which later became the Kansas City Chiefs. In 1960 the Dallas Cowboys came to being. The Dallas Texans of 1952 are the Indianapolis Colts of today. After the one season (1952) the NFL awarded the team to a group of Baltimore businessmen headed by Carroll Rosenbloom. The franchise moved operations to Baltimore and became known as the Colts. The charter member of the American Football League named the Dallas Texans moved operations to Kansas City for the 1963 season. The Cowboys began play in the NFL in 1960.

Which team has the most wins - the Dallas Cowboys or Philadelphia Eagles?

The Philadelphia Eagles, who began playing in 1933, have an overall record of 531-567-26 (.484). The Dallas Cowboys, who joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960, have a better winning percentage at 464-348-6 (.571).

Where are the Dallas Cowboys from?

The Cowboys were an expansion team that began play in the NFL in 1960. They have always played in Dallas. * NFL Franchise - Clint Murchison, Jr., and Bedford Wynne were awarded an expansion franchise in the NFL at the annual league meeting in Miami Beach, Fla. The Cowboys were to play as a "swing" team, playing every other team one time during the first season, although listed in the Western Conference standing (January 28)

When did America team start?

If you mean the Dallas Cowboys, the franchise began as an NFL expansion team in 1960. If you mean the Cowboys' nickname, "America's Team," it all began with NFL Films' 1978 highlights package about Dallas. Bob Ryan of NFL Films titled it "America's Team" because of the Cowboys' strong and dedicated following in other NFL cities and throughout the country.

What is the Dallas Cowboys' record on Sunday nights?

Since NBC began televising Sunday night games in September 2006, the Dallas Cowboys have appeared 36 times through the 2016 regular season and posted a 20-and-16 record. Between 1979 and 2005, ABC, ESPN and TNT aired games on Sunday nights. The Cowboys' record in 23 games during those years was 10-14. So Dallas' overall Sunday night performances have yielded a 30-and-30 record.

How many times have Redskins and Dallas played each other since their Rivalry began in 1960?

Through Sept. 12, 2010, the rivals have played 101 times during the regular season and the playoffs. The Cowboys lead the series 59-40-2.

Who was unc quarterback in 1981?

Rod Elkins, a junior, began the season as the starter but got injured and was replaced by Scott Stankavage, a sophomore.