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The player of the 1995 tournament was Jonah Lomu

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Q: Who was the player of the RWC 1995 tournament?
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How many teams were in the 1995 RWC?

16 teams played in finals tournament out of 52 teams that tried to qualify.

Who scored the most tries in rugby union world cup?

In a single match by a single player, Marc Ellis: 5 tries for New Zealand (v. Japan, RWC 1995).In a single World Cup by a single player, Jonah Lomu and Brian Habana: 8 tries for New Zealand (RWC 1999) and South Africa (RWC 2007) respectively.In a single match by one team, Australia with 22 tries (v. Namibia, RWC 2003).In a single World Cup by one team, ***.Throughout all World Cups by a single player, Jonah Lomu: 15 tries for New Zealand (RWC 1995, RWC 1999).Throughout all World Cups by one team, ***.

Who won the 1995 world rugby cup?

The 1995 RWC was hosted and won by South Africa

Who is the tallest player in the 2011 rwc?

richie metcalfe

How many tries in RWC 1995 final?

none there were 6 penalties and 3 drop goals

What are the release dates for CBS Tournament of Roses Parade - 1995 TV?

CBS Tournament of Roses Parade - 1995 TV was released on: USA: 1 January 1995

What is the capital of our rwc country?

At the RWC is in New Zealand then the capital is Wellington

How did Namibia got in the rigby world cup2011?

all the lower ranked teams play in a tournament to determin who qualifies for the RWC 2011. (and Namibia won). Hoped this helped :)

Who won the Beanpot Tournament in 1995?

Boston University

Who won the women's NCAA tournament in 1995?


Who was disqualified from Wimbledon in 1995?

Tim Henman was disquaified from the doubles tournament in the 1995 Wimbledon tournament after hitting a ball in anger, which then hit a ball girl on the head

How many time have south Africa won the rugby world cup?

South Africa have won the RWC twice - 1995 and 2007

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