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Dick Ruthven pitched the lat two innings of the 1980 NLCS, and picked up the win.

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Q: Who was the pitcher during the last out of the 1980 NLCS?
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Last cub winning pitcher in a playoff game?

The Cubs last victory in the playoffs was in Game 4 of the 2003 NLCS when they defeated the Florida Marlins 8-3. The winning pitcher in that game was Matt Clement.

Who was last MLB pitcher to throw 300 innings in a season?

The last MLB pitcher to throw 300+ innings in a season was Steve Carlton of the Philadelphia Phillies who threw 304 innings in 1980.

What year did Roberto Clemente bat for his last time?

Roberto Clemente played his last game in the NLCS, on October 3, 1972.

When was Roberto Clemente's last baseball game?

What were Roberto Clemente's stats for his last game in NLCS vs Reds 10/3/1972

When was the last baseball game Roberto clemente played?

Roberto Clemente Played his last game on October 3, 1972 in the NLCS against Cincinnati.

Who was the last major league pitcher with 300 or more innings pitched in one season?

Steve Carlton of the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies with 304.

Which New York Yankees pitcher played on August 2nd 1980?

On August 2, 1980, Yankees pitcher Rudy May defeated the Milwaukee Brewers. He pitched six innings and Rich "Goose" Gossage pitched the last three innings for the save.

Who was the last pitcher to lose 20 games in 1 season?

Brian KingMan back in 1980. Despite a very low average of 3.83 era.

What Philadelphia Phillies baseball pitcher got the last out to win the 1990 World Series?

The question has an error it. It was the 1980 World Series I was thinking of My apologies.

When were the Pittsburgh Pirates last in the playoffs?

Through the 2008 season, that was 1992 when they lost to the Atlanta Braves in the NLCS 4 games to 3.

Who was the Last pitcher to throw to johnny bench?

the last pitcher he faced as a batter: Mark Calvert the last pitcher (Teammate) he caught for: Bill Scherrer

When does the last time the mets made the postseason and the Yankees were not?

1988 ... the Mets lost in the NLCS to the Dodgers and the Yankees finished 5th in the AL East.

When was Roberto clemente's last home run?

October 10, 1972 off Ross Grimsley of the Cincinnati Reds in Game 4 of the NLCS.

When is the last time US or Russia did not win the summer Olympics?

probably during the boycotts of 1980 and 1984

Why was Molly Pitcher last name pitcher?

Her last name was Pitcher because her job was to give pitchers of water to her war people on the hot summer days.

Who is the Last Montreal Expos batter in 1981 playoff game?

Right fielder Jerry White who grounded out to second to end Game 5 of the 1981 NLCS.

What Major league pitcher was the last to lead league in Wins and losses the same year?

Wilbur Wood of the Chicago White Sox was 24-20 during the 1973 season, making him the last pitcher in American League history to win and lose 20 or more games in the same season.

When was The Last Answer created?

The Last Answer was created in 1980.

If starting Pitcher leaves game top 9th inning after 1 batter his team is winning the relief pitcher allows score to be tied bottom of 9th original winning team scores and wins. Who gets win?

The last pitcher in during a tie for the winning team gets the win.

When was the last time the astros won a division series?

2005. The Astros defeated the Braves in the NLDS and Cardinals in the NLCS to advance to the World Series where they lost to the White Sox.

Who was the last pitcher to win batting title?

No pitcher has ever won a batting title.

What are the release dates for Stuckey's Last Stand - 1980?

Stuckey's Last Stand - 1980 was released on: USA: April 1980 (St. Louis, Missouri)

What are the release dates for Alone at Last - 1980 II TV?

Alone at Last - 1980 II TV was released on: USA: 3 September 1980

Who was the last to win the grand slam?

Ireland ( 2008 / 2009) Six nations Tennis: The last to win the singles Grand Slam was Steffi Graf - during the 1980's

Why does a pitcher goes last in a starting lineup?

Because the pitcher is typically the worst hitter in the lineup, and the last spot in the lineup gets the least at-bats.