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The team the Yankees played was the Pittsburgh Pirates.......last time I checked Pittsburgh was NOT in New York......a dumb question indeed.

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Q: Who was the other NY baseball team in the World Series in 1927?
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Which two teams played in the 1927 baseball World Series?

The New York Yankees beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1927 World Series.

Which two teams played in 1927 baseball World Series?

Yankees vs. PiratesThe New York Yankees beat the Pittsburgh Pirates four games to none in the 1927 World Series.

How many World Series did the Yankees win from 1927 to 1998?

The New York Yankees have won 22 World Series from 1927 - 1998.

Did the New York Yankees go into overtime in the 1927 World Series?

No, the Yankees won the 1927 World Series in 4 games and each game was won in 9 innings. There was no overtime.

What team won the 1927 World Series?

New York Yankees

What year did the yankee's win their second World Series?

The New York Yankees won their fist World Series in 1923, and won their second in 1927.

When did Lou Gehrig win his first world series?

1927 over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What team did the Yankees beat to win their second world series?

Pittsburgh Pirates in 1927.

What is value of 1927 World Series team signed baseball?

1927 World Series Team Signed BaseballThe 1927 World Series featured the New York Yankees beating the Pittsburgh Pirates 4 games to none. A 1927 New York Yankees Team Signed Baseball with the key signatures: Ruth, Gehrig, Meusel, Lazzeri, Hoyt, Pennock, Combs, and Moore is worth about $9,000.-$16,000.A 1927 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Signed Baseball with the key signatures: Traynor, Cuyler, Grantham, P. Waner, L. Waner, Cronin, Kremer, Barnhart, Groh, and Harris is worth about $1,000.-$1,200.Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Prices may also vary based on the amount of signatures, and key signatures acquired. The more complete the baseball with key signatures the more valuable.If the signatures are not properly authenticated the baseball could sell at half the market value or less. If the baseball has the signatures of players from both teams it will have a lower value.

What is a 1927 World Series Paul Waner 16 inch souvenir bat worth?


How much did Charlie Sheen pay for babe ruths 1927 world series ring?


What year did the New York Yankees win their second World Series?

The Yankees won their second World Series in 1927. They swept the Pittsburgh Pirates in four games.