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Vida Blue

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2012-04-05 03:08:11
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Q: Who was the only switch hitter to pitch in all star games for both leagues?
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Who was the only switch hitter to pitch for both leagues in all-star games?

Vida Blue

How do you pitch a no hitter in the major leagues?

Go all 9 innings without giving up a hit

If a switch hitter bats as a lefty the first pitch can he bat right the next pitch?


How many games did Jackie Robinson win as a pitcher?

Robinson did not pitch in the major leagues.

Can a switch hitter change sides of the plate in a fast pitch softball game?

Yes they can no matter the pitch count.

Can you switch hit every pitch in slow pitch softball?

as far as I know you could. In our leagues, you are allowed to switch sides of the plate as long as you dont walk right in front of the catcher while the pitcher is ready to pitch. Essentially you have to call for time. I love switching it up, keeps the fielders on their toes.... The best is when you switch sides, but hit op field :D

Did Willie Mays ever pitch any innings?

Not in the major leagues.

How many innings can a pitcher pitch in a week?

It depends. In many youth leagues it is based on pitches. When you get into upper youth leagues they then begin to base it on innings. As you get into adult leagues there often is no limit.

Can a batter who is a switch hitter change which side of the plate he hits from during a single at-bat?

noWrong!! The batter may switch sides of the plate as long as the pitcher is not on the rubber prepared to pitch. He could switch several times during the at-bat.

Did satchel paige play in the major leagues?

no he wasnt Satchel Paige not only DID pitch in the major leagues, he pitched in a World Series game!

How many innings did Steve kokor pitch in the minor leagues?

475 innings

Is a switch hitter required to declare a side before batting?

Not in MLB. A batter may bat from whatever side he wants to on whatever pitch he wants to. The only restriction is that the side the batter is on when the pitcher steps on the pitching rubber is the side the batter must bat from for that pitch. A switch hitter could alternate sides for each pitch if he so desired. Rules concerning the batter can be found in Section 6 of the Official MLB Rules.

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