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Dave Winfield

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โˆ™ 2008-06-28 18:01:48
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Q: Who was the only person drafted for pro football basketball and baseball?
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What are some baseball advantages?

the physical size of person playing baseball is less important the pro football and basketball

How much does a sports person earn?

ALOT!!! Baseball,basketball and football earn alot. in the millions

What are some advantage's?

the physical size of person playing Baseball is less important the pro football and Basketball

What is a ballplayer?

Generally speaking, a ballplayer is a person who participates in a ball sport - most often basketball, baseball, or football.

A famous person that start with f?

Earl Campbell (football), Early Wynn (baseball), Elgin Baylor (basketball), Eli Manning (football), Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsh (football), Emerson Fittipoldi (racecar driver), Emmitt Smith (football), Ernie Banks (baseball), Dale Earnhardt (racecar driver), John Elway (football), Phil Esposito (hockey), Julius Erving (basketball), Chris Evert (tennis) and Patrick Ewing (basketball) are famous athletes.

What is a sport that people bet on?

People bet on football, baseball, basketball, hockey, horse racing. Basically, a person can bet on any sport out there.

Is baseball better than basketball?

It depends on person to person, but for playing basketball requires less equipment and players. In watching basketball is more popular, but baseball is fun to watch too. I would rate basketball over baseball, but then again depends on person to person. Any answer would be opinionated; some people like baseball better, and others like basketball better.

What sports do they do well in?

It depends on who the person is. Some people do well in tennis, others do well in football, baseball or basketball. Some are outstanding gymnasts or swimmers.

Who was the first African American basketball player to be drafted into the NBA?

The first person who played in an NBA game was Earl Lloyd

What are basic hobbies of a person?

Swimming, Tennis, Dancing, Football, Soccer, Walking, Basketball

Who was the only person elected to both the football and the basketball hall of fame?

Robert Thompson

Who is a famous person that is name starts with the letter d?

Dale Earnhardt (racecar driver), Dan Fouts (football), Dan Issel (basketball), Danica Patrick (racecar driver), Derek Jeter (baseball), Dick Butkus (football), Dorothy Hamill (figure skating champion), Dave DeBusschere (basketball), Dizzy Dean (baseball), Jack Dempsey (boxing), Babe Didrikson (athlete - golf), Joe DiMaggio (baseball), Mike Ditka (football), Tony Dorsett (football) and Don Drysdale (baseball) are famous athletes.

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