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Q: Who was the only maple leaf to lead the team in assists for 7 consecutive seasons?
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Who was the last Maple Leaf to lead the league in scoring?

The last Toronto Maple Leafs player to lead the NHL in scoring was Gordie Drillon in the 1937-38 season with 52 points (26 goals, 26 assists).

Who is the only coach to lead a team to four consecutive super bowls?

Marv Levy coached the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowls XXV, XXVI, XXVII, and XXVIII. The years were 1991-1994 (1990-1993 seasons).

How many seasons did Steve Nash lead the NBA in assists per game?

4× NBA regular season leader for assists per game: 2005 (11.5), 2006 (10.5), 2007 (11.6), 2010 (11.0)

Who is the lead singer of The Four Seasons?

Frankie Valli

Who is the only coach to lead a team to 4 consecutive Super Bowl appearances?

Marv Levy

Who is Alice more in a man for all seasons?

She is the wife of THomas More(the lead character in the movie)

Which original 4 seasons sang the lead on Oh what a night?

Gerri Polci (The drummer)

Who is the player to lead a team in all seasons of IPL played so far?

who is the player to lead in all season of ipl played so far

How long did Brett Favre lead the Green Bay Packers?

16 seasons ... 1992-2007.

Did Frankie Valli compose the Four Seasons violin concertos?

No! It was Antonio Vivaldi, who lived from 1678 to 1741. But Frankie Valli is the lead singer of a rock group called the Four Seasons.

Who was the first black person to lead the NBA in assists?

Oscar Robertson.

Only center to lead NBA in assists for a season?

Wilt Chamberlain

Who was the last non-guard to lead the nba in assists?

wilt chamberlain

Who was the female lead in TV series V?

The TV series V, ran for 2 seasons and was about extraterrestrials. The female lead character was Erica Evans who was played by Elizabeth Mitchell.

Who was the first African-American to win an Emmy Award for lead role in a drama series?

Bill Cosby won 3 consecutive Emmys (1966-1968) for his lead role in the drama I Spy.

How many times did LeBron James go to the playoffs?

Lebron James lead Cleveland to 5 consecutive appreances in the playoffs, 2006-2010.

Who is the first black man to lead nba in assists?

The first black man to lead the NBA to assists was Oscar Robertson. Oscar Robertson was born on November 24, 1938, in Charlotte, Tennessee. He grew up in Indianapolis and in 1956 became the first African American to play basketball at the University of Cincinnati. In 1960, he led the USA. Olympic men's team to the gold medal. The Cincinnati Royals drafted him that same year. Robertson played 14 NBA seasons, retiring in 1974 as the league's all-time assist leader.

Who is the player to lead the same team in all seasons of ipl played so far?

M S Dhoni

Who was the first head coach to three consecutive super Bowls?

Don Shula of the Miami Dolphins was the first head coach to lead his team to three consecutive Super Bowls. The Dolphins lost Super Bowl VI, but prevailed in Super Bowls VII and VIII.

What Charger Quarterback lead the NFL in passing yards in each of the 1979-1982 seasons?

Hall of Famer and Charger great Dan Fouts lead the league in passing between 1979 and 1982.

How many seasons did Babe Ruth lead the a.l in rbi's?

Babe Ruth lead the American League in RBIs 6 times in his career. 1919, 1920, 1921, 1923, 1926, and 1928.

Who has lead the NBA in assists and scoring in the same season?

Nate Archibald (72'-73')

Who sang the lead vocals on the four seasons song oh what a night?

Dec. 63 Oh What A Night, was actually sung by 3 singers, Gerry Polci (Frankie's ex son-in-law), Don Ciccone (former lead singer of The Critters) and Frankie. This song while the biggest hit the Seasons ever had, is a thorn in the side of Frankie since he was not the primary lead singer on the song and heard he's wasn't very happy about that fact.

Which guy in the Four Seasons band is the one with the squeaky voice?

The lead singer of The Four Seasons with the high falsetto vocal abilities is Frankie Valli, born Francis Stephen Castelluccio on 3 May, 1934, in Newark, New Jersey.

Who won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 2009?

The 2008-2009 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series went to Alec Baldwin of NBC's "30 Rock." It was his second consecutive win in the category.