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Frank Robinson, who won the National League's MVP award in 1961 as a member of the Cincinnati and the American League version in 1966 with the Baltimore Orioles.

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Q: Who was the only baseball player to win MVP awards in the National League and the American League?
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Who was first mvp in baseball?

Lefty Grove in the American League and Frankie Frisch in the National League won the first MVP awards

Who is was the only baseball player to win the MVP awards in both American and National Leagues?

Frank Robinson won both the National, and American League MVP Award.

How many golden glove awards are giving each season?

There are usually nine awards for each position in the National League and nine for the American League.

When was Minor League Baseball Yearly - MiLBY - Awards created?

Minor League Baseball Yearly - MiLBY - Awards was created in 2005.

What awards did Babe Ruth receive?

the baseball alminacBabe Ruth won the 1923 American League MVP Award.

What baseball records does Roger clemens hold?

Most American League Cy Young awards. Clemens has 7.

What were some of Babe Ruth's awards and achievements in baseball?

Babe Ruth won the 1923 American League MVP Award.

What awards and honors did Babe Ruth win?

He received the Baseball Almanac, and won the 1923 American League MVP Award.

How is Major League Baseball mvp chosen?

Sports writers of the Baseball Writersâ?? Association of America vote for baseballâ??s Most Valuable Player award. They also vote for the Cy Young Award, Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year Award, Manager of the Year Award, and the Hall of Fame. Two writers from each Major League Baseball city are recommended then approved to vote. There are 30 votes for each award, and writers from the National League vote for National League awards, while writers from the American League vote for American League awards. For the MVP award, there are 10 spots on the ballot, the voting is done before the start of the postseason and the winner is announced after the World Series.

Who has won the most consecutive Gold Glove awards?

Pitcher Jim Kaat won 16 consecutive Gold Glove awards ... 14 in the American league between 1962-1975 and two in the National League between 1976-1977.

Who won the most consecutive mvp baseball?

Barry Bonds won 4 consecutive National League Most Valuable Player awards, from 2001-2004. 12 different players have won their league's Most Valuable Player award for 2 consecutive years. This includes 6 players in the American League and 6 players in the National League (including Barry Bonds in 1992-1993).

What awards did Lou Gehrig receive?

Lou Gehrig won two American League MVP Awards in 1927, and 1936. He also won the American League Triple Crown in 1934.

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