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Vinny Testaverde turned 41 during the 2004 season when he started for the Cowboys.

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Q: Who was the oldest quarterback to start a game in a Cowboys uniform?
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Who was the start quarterback for dallas cowboys in superbowl xxx in 1995 verse steelers?

Troy Aikman

Oldest quarterback to start in a super bowl?

John Elway at 38 years of age.

Did Danny Whie start for Cowboys in 1988 at all?

Did Danny White ever start as quarterback in 1988 at all thru the season?

Oldest NFL quarterback to start a playoff game?

Bret Favre 40 yrs Old.

Who was or is the oldest NFL quarterback of all time?

George Blanda was the oldest quarterback of all time. He was the oldest to start a football game as a QB at the age of 43 years old, and then he played as a placekicker until he was 48 years, 109 days old. He played 26 seasons in the NFL, although he does not hold the consecutive starts records - rather now Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre, does.

Who was the first quarterback to start a Super Bowl against his former team?

Craig Morton of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII against the Dallas Cowboys. Morton started Super Bowl V for the Cowboys against the Baltimore Colts.

What was Donovan McNabb's record against the Dallas Cowboys?

As a starting quarterback, McNabb had an overall 12-and-8 record against the Dallas Cowboys. He was 11-8 with the Philadelphia Eagles (including a playoff loss against the Cowboys after the 2009 season). He was 1-0 in his only start for the Washington Redskins against Dallas in 2010.

Do the Dallas Cowboys have a black quarterback in 2016?

The Cowboys selected Mississippi State's Dak Prescott in the fourth round of the 2016 college draft. Because of an injury to Dallas starter Tony Romo, Prescott started at quarterback in the team's regular-season opener on September 11th against the New York Giants (a 20-19 loss). He became the first rookie quarterback to start an opening game since Roger Staubach on September 21, 1969.

How many Super Bowls did Troy Aikman start?

The Cowboys quarterback started three Super Bowls in four seasons (Super Bowls XXVII, XXXVIII and XXX) and won all three.

Who was the first quarterback to start and lose two Super Bowls playing for two different teams?

Craig Morton. Morton started Super Bowl V for the Dallas Cowboys who lost to the Baltimore Colts and Super Bowl XII for the Denver Broncos who lost to the Dallas Cowboys.

Who is the Cowboys' team captain?

Team captains for the Dallas Cowboys will be announced at the start of the 2012 regular season. In 2011, the five captains elected by the players were tight end Jason Witten, quarterback Tony Romo, linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Bradie James, and punter Mat McBriar.

How does a quarterback get a false start?

It might be in Wildcat format and might start with a false start.

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