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Q: Who was the oldest player to play in PGA tour event?
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Who is the oldest woman tennis player on tour?

Margaret Lumia is currently the oldest player on tour at age 54 with a current WTA rank of 775

How old was the oldest player to earn a PGA tour card?


Who is the oldest current player on the PGA seniors tour?

Miller barber

What does the golf pro pay to play in a tour event?

They get paid :)

Which player did NOT win a PGA Tour event before their 23rd birthday?


Does Tiger Woods play in the TPC?

As in the Tour Players Championship held at TPC Sawgrass? Yes he does play this event.

Did you have to have played in the PGA tour to be able to play in the champions tour?

No. Any male over the age of 50 can try to qualify for a Champions Tour event. Playing on the PGA tour is not a prerequisite.

What is the oldest known person to play golf?

The oldest known person to play golf was a 101 year old man from Florida. However, professionally and for the PGA Tour tournament, the oldest golfer was Jerry Barber who was 77 years of age.

Who is the oldest tennis player currently on tour?

It is Dick Norman (aged 41 born 1 March 1971).

What is a partial tour card?

When a player earns conditional status on the PGA Tour, they are able to play in all Nationwide Tour events and PGA Tour events which have larger fields or the ones where the top players do not play in. They can usually play the fall series events.

What does it cost to play the PGA Golf tour?

Basic FeesThe entry fee for a PGA Tour Event has been $100 for a long time. It is the player's responsibility to confirm with each tournament committee that they intend to play that event, and have their application completed and in the tournament office before the deadline for that tournament (usually the week before). They do not have to pay for each day of a 4 day tournament, and they do not have to pay for any practicing they do, or practice rounds they play.

Who was the youngest player ever to compete in a nationwide tour event?

Michelle Wie 13yrs 3 months

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