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The oldest player in FIFA world cup 2010 is English player David James at 39 years old 321 days.

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Q: Who was the oldest player to appear a world cup match 2010?
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Who is the oldest world cup cricket player?

he oldest man to appear in a World Cup match was Holland's Nolan Clarke, at 47 years 257 days in 1995-96,

Who is the oldest player to play in a soccer world cup match?

roger milla

The oldest player to play a world cup match?

The oldest player and captain to lift the world cup OS the Italian Dino Zoff who was 40 years old in 1982.

Oldest World Cup player?

Roger Milla, Cameroon in the 1994 finals. He was 42 years and 39 days old in the match against Russia. He also became the oldest scorer in a FIFA World Cup in that match.

Who is the oldest post-2nd world war player to appear for united?

raimond van der gouw

Who is the oldest player to score a world cup goal?

Roger Milla has that distinction when he scored for Cameroon against Russia in their World Cup 1994 match.

Who was the Oldest player to appear world cup?

Pablo Chivas for Mexico in 1968 aged 58 years and 4 days

Who was the oldest regular day baseball player to appear in the World Series?

The oldest player to play in a World Series game was pitcher Jack Quinn of the Philadelphia Athletics who pitched in the 1930 World Series at the age of 46 years, 2 months, and 29 days.

How old was the oldest player to play in a Rugby World Cup match?

Brian Lima 36 years old he played for Western Samoa

Oldest soccer player in the World Cup?

The oldest player in a soccer World Cup (and oldest player to score in the World Cup) was Roger Milla of Cameroon aged forty two years old!

How old was the oldest player to play in an international match?

MacDonald Taylor became the oldest international player when he took part in a World Cup qualifying game for the US Virgin Islands against St Kitts and Nevis on March 31 2004.

Who is the oldest player to play in the World Cup?

Roger Milla was the oldest player to play in the world cup at the age of 42 during the 1994 world cup.

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