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Q: Who was the number 55 on the Atlantic hawks in 2000?
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Who wore number 55 for the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Pitcher Orel Hershiser wore No. 55 for the Dodgers from 1983 to 1994 and again in 2000.

What size is the Hawks?

It depends on the type of hawk you are talking about. Sparrow Hawks, the smallest hawks, are about the size of a robin. While the largest hawks being the Rough-legged Hawk, are 22 inches with a wingspan of over 55 inches. Female hawks are almost always larger than males.

Is 55 a prime number?

55 is not a prime number because you can do 5*11=55. The definition of a prime number is a number that has only the factors of 1 and itself. Because 55 has 1*55-55 AND 5*11=55 it is not a prime number. Hope that helps!!

What is the fraction or mixed number of 2.75 percent?

2.75% = 0.0275 = 275/10000 = 55/2000 = 11/400

What is 110000 divided by 55?


Is 55 an odd number?

55 is an odd number.

Who Has scored a hat trick in three game in a row?

The Wallingford Hawks youth hockey player #55 did.

How fast coopers hawk fly?

Cooper's hawks can fly in a straight line up to 55 mph.

What is the number between 55 and 101 that is a multiple of 5 8 and 10?

The only such number between 55 and 101 is 80.

How many tens are there in the number 55?

There are 5 'tens' in the number 55 & 5 'ones'

Is 55 a abundant number or a deficient number?

55 is deficient.

which number is bigger 55 or -9?


What does the number 55 mean on jewelry?

DO 55

Is the number 55 composite?

Yes. 55 is a composite number and it is divisible by 1, 5, 11, 55

What is the distance from Philadelphia City to Atlantic City?

Aprox 55 miles

How many miles is it from philladelphia to Atlantic City airport?

55 miles

55 north latitude 15 west longitude is which ocean?

55 N 15 W is in the North Atlantic Ocean.

What is number 55 in french?

The number 55 in French is cinqante cinq.

What is the numaral number for 55?

the roman numaral number for 55 is LV

What is 55 of 53?

55% of the number 53 is not an even number. The answer is 29.15.

How would you get an even number of 55?

55 is an odd number and so you cannot get an even number of it.

Is 55 a prime number number?


What is the first prime number after 55?

59 is the first prime number after 55.

What you the distance from Atlantic City Airport to center city Philadelphia?

55 miles

What is 55 percent as a decimal number?

55% = 55/100 = 0.55