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Q: Who was the most important person who made the biggest difference in sports?
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How does coaching individual sports differ from coaching team sports?

There are differences between coaching individual sports and team sports. The biggest difference is the interaction with the athlete or athlete. Groups have different strengths and weaknesses causing a different approach to coaching to fit a person or person's objectives.

What what is the biggest difference between badminton and other racket sports?

it does not use a ball

What is the difference between a martail artist and a sports person?

A sports person only excercises for the body. In the works of Martial Arts, you excercise for both your body and mind.

Difference between sports and life?

One difference between sports and life is that in sports it is easy to see who is winning and who is losing by looking at the score. In life, the ideas of winning and losing are much more complex and less important.

What is the difference between a sports agent and a sports manager?

The difference between a sport's agent and a sport's manager is the agent normally manages one person and a sport's manager manages the whole team.

Why is it important for a sports person to adjust their diet?

It is important because the athlete has to be in shape so he wont get tired fast

Where is the biggest JD sports?

Warrington golden square is by far the biggest

What is the biggest sports stadium in the US?

biggest soccer stadium in usa

What is difference between coach and mentor?

A coach is like a sports coach and a mentor is a person to help you do work

Which is the biggest sports festival in the world?

olympic games is the biggest festival in the world.

Who is biggest sports fan?

Kris Loretta

Who is the biggest sports fan?

Kris loretta

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