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In 2012, Kentucky won its 8th title in the NCAA men's Basketball tournament known as "March Madness."

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Q: Who was the march madness champion of 2012?
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Who was the 1997 March Madness champion?


What are the dates for NCAA March Madness 2012?

March Madness 2012 begins March 13th and ends April 2nd.

What day does March Madness 2012 begin?

march 15

When does March Madness 2012 start?

march 13, 2012 and ends 4/2

Who won the March Madness 2012?

Kuntucky won

Who will win March Madness 2012?

kentucky or kansas

When does 2012 March Madness end?

April 2nd

What is the point in march madness?

To determine basketball's national champion of the NCAA for both men and women.

What colleges are playing March Madness 2012?

caca pupu

Who is going to win the 2012 ncaa March Madness?


Who was the first undefeated national champion in March Madness?

The San Francisco Dons in 1956. They went 29-0.

What are the release dates for Jake and Amir - 2007 March Madness Part 5?

Jake and Amir - 2007 March Madness Part 5 was released on: USA: 13 March 2012