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There were two:

John McKenna, who was also the Club Secretary and was friends with the founder John Houlding.

W.E Barclay, he had also been the Manager of Everton Football Club before they had left Anfield for Goodison Park.

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Gerard houlier

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Q: Who was the manager of Liverpool before benitez?
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Who is the worst manager in football?

Rafa Benitez He ruined Liverpool!!

Who was the Liverpool manager in1996?

The Liverpool manager in 2006 was the Spaniard Rafael Benitez, who took over from Gerrard Houlier in 2004.

When did Liverpool get their spanish manager Rafael Benitez?

Rafael Benitz joined Liverpool from Valencia in 2004.

What is the current manager of the Liverpool Football Club for 2009?

Rafael Benitez.

What is Sammy Lee known for?

He was assistant manager at bolton, then became first team manager when Sam Alladice left, currantly Rafa Benitez's assisant at Liverpool

What premier league team has used the most players this season?

The Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has tinkered the most with his players this season.

Will Rafael benitez leave Liverpool?

No he says he will not leave Liverpool.

What is Rafael Benitez famous for?

Rafeal Benitez a former Spanish football player and current football manager. He is most famous for his time in the English football league with time spent at Liverpool in 2010 and Chelsea in 2013.

What is Rafael benitez's favorite football club?


Who will replace rafeal benitez at Liverpool?

Roy Hodgson took over from Rafael Benitez, he was at Fulham earlier.

Who is the last manager of the Liverpool Football Club?

The Current Manager of Liverpool Football Club is Rafael BenitezHowever the manager before that was Gerard HoullierRafael Benetiz

Which club did Rafa Benitez manage before Liverpool?

Gerard Houllier, from 1998-2004.