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Derrick Moore with 740 yards.

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Q: Who was the leading rusher in the Carolina Panthers inaugural season?
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Who was the NFL leading rusher in 2013?

Adrian Peterson was the leading NFL rusher in 2013

Who was the patriots leading rusher in the 2009?

In the 2008-2009 season Sammy Morris was patriots leading rusher.

Who was the leading rusher for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995?

In 1995, Erric Pegram was the Steelers leading rusher with 813 yards.

Who is the all-time leading rusher in South Carolina high-school?

Raymond Priester from Allendale Fairfax in either 93 or 94

Who was The Pittsburgh Steelers' leading rusher in 1990?

The leading rusher for the Steelers in the 1990 season was Merril Hoge with 772 yards.

Who is the leading rusher in this year?

The leading rusher in the NFL for the 2008 season was Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings with 1,760 yards.

Who is the 21st leading rusher in the NFL?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the 21st leading rusher, in career yards, in the NFL is Eddie George with 10,441 yards.

Who is the all-time leading rusher for the Northwestern Wildcats?

Damien Anderson is currently the leading career rusher. Tyrell Sutton has a chance to break the record this year.

Dallas Cowboys leading rusher?

Emmitt Smith

Who is the NCAA leading rusher in 2008?

Shonne Greene

Who is the leading rusher in steelers history?

Franco Harris

Leading rusher in NFL in 2009?

Chris Johnson