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Q: Who was the last woman from the southern hemisphere to win the French Open singles?
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What is 'femme de fer' when translated from French to English?

"Iron woman" is an English equivalent of the French phrase femme de fer. The singular phrase translates literally as "woman of iron" in English. The pronunciation will be "fahmd fer" in northern French and "fa-muh duh fer" in southern French.

Who won French Open tennis tournament 2012?

Rafael Nadal won the men's singles and Maria Sharapova won for the woman

What woman won the French Open in 1990 - 1992?

Monica Seles won the French Open Women's Singles title three times in a row in 1990, 1991 and 1992.

What does Southern Belle mean?

Belle means a beautiful woman. Southern belle means a beautiful woman from the southern US.

What do you call a French holy woman?

A French holy woman is 'une sainte' in French.

What is the duration of The French Woman?

The duration of The French Woman is 1.75 hours.

What is the definition of the phrase Southern Belle?

The phrase Southern Belle is (was) used to describe a young woman of the American Deep South's upper class. The word belle translates from French to English as beautiful.

How do you say Beautiful woman in French?

"Belle femme" is "beautiful woman" in French.

What is the average height of a French woman?

The average height of a French woman is 5'4"

What is the French term for adult woman?

In French, an adult woman is "une femme".

When was The French Woman created?

The French Woman was created on 1977-09-08.

How do you say gorgeous woman in french?

J'adore Francais! I love french! gorgeous woman = femme splendide in french.

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