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The last English woman to win the ladies singles final at Wimbledon was Ann Jones in 1969.

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viginia wade

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Sue Barker

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Q: Who was the last unseeded female to win Wimbledon?
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Who is the only female Brit to win Wimbledon?

Several British women have won at Wimbledon.

Who was the first and last british man to win the Wimbledon title and in what year?

The first British man to win Wimbledon was Spencer Gore in 1877. The last British man to win Wimbledon was Fred Perry in 1934, 1936 & 1937.

Did Venus or Serena win last year's Wimbledon?


Who was the last Englishwoman to win Wimbledon?

it was Sarah Virginia wade

Who was the first African American female to win Wimbledon?

sha nae nae

When was the last time and English women won Wimbledon?

Virginia Wade was the last English Woman to win Wimbledon, which was on 1 July 1977.

Who was the last person to win the men's doubles at Wimbledon?

Marray Nielsen

Who was Last british man to win Wimbledon singles?

Fred Perry

Who was the last lady to win the Australian Ladies singles title who was not the number one seeded player in the world?

Chris O'Neil in 1978, who was unseeded.

First ever person to win Wimbledon?

Gentlemen - Spencer Gore in 1877 Ladies - Maud Watson in 1884 both were British but the competition was only open to brits, possibly just English The first Open era winners were Rod Laver and Billie Jean King in 1968

Last left handed player to win Wimbledon?

Rafael Nadal in 2008.

Who was the last Englishman to win at the Wimbledon open tennis championships?

In Wimbledon "the open era", no englishman has won the title.