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Through Super Bowl XLIV, that was Shaun Alexander of the 2005 Seattle Seahawks who won the NFL rushing title with 1880 yards and played in Super Bowl XL.

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Q: Who was the last running back to win the rushing title and play in the Super bowl in the same season?
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Which dallas cowboy running back won the rushing title in 2010?

No one. The last Dallas Cowboys running back to win a rushing title was Emmitt Smith during the 1995 season.

Seattle's Shaun Alexander led the NFL in rushing with 1880 yards Who was the last running back to win the rushing title and play in the Super Bowl in the same season?

Prior to Shaun Alexander, that was Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos who led the NFL with 2,008 rushing yards in the 1998 season and played in Super Bowl XXXIII. The only other player to accomplish this is Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys who did it three times. He led the NFL with 1,773 rushing yards in 1995 and played in Super Bowl XXX, 1,486 yards in 1993 and played in Super Bowl XXVIII, and 1,713 yards in 1992 and played in Super Bowl XXVII.

Who was the last RB to win the rushing title and play in the super bowl?

Shaun Alexander of the Seattle Seahawks won the National Football League rushing title in 2005 with 1,880 yards on 370 carries. The Seahawks went on to lose Super Bowl XL to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who holds the record for the longest rushing touchdown in the Super Bowl?

The Pittsburgh Steelers running back "Fast" Willie Parker holds the longest rushing touch down in Super Bowl History. Parker raced 75 yards for a touch down in Super Bowl XL. The Pittsburgh Steelers went on the defeat the overmatched Seattle Seahawks 21-10 to capture their record 6th NFL Super Bowl Title.

What is a rushing title?

One of the statistics kept in football is rushing yards. A 'rushing title' basically means the same as 'who led the league in rushing yards'. The player that wins a 'rushing title' is the player 'who led the league in rushing yards'. Rushing yards are accrued when an offensive player advances the ball past the line of scrimmage without the aid of a forward pass.

What title belt was Aaron Rodgers holding at super bowl podium?

It was a joke. Whenever Rodgers scored a rushing TD he would celebrate by putting on a invisible title belt. So when they won the super bowl Clay Matthews had one ready. There are no title belts in the NFL.

Who won NFL rushing title in 2005?

Shaun Alexander

Can you get a title loan if the vechile is not running?

No you can not.

Who QB the ravens to their 2001 Super Bowl title?

Starting QB in Super Bowl XXXIV for the Ravens was Trent Dilfer. Tony Banks also played QB for the Ravens during the regular season.

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What team holds the title Super Bowl Champions for the 2009 season?

The New Orleans Saints are in the record book as the 2009 Super Bowl Champions, even though they played on February 7, 2010. For example, the Pittsburgh Steelers won their title game on February 1, 2009, but are recognized as the 2008 Super Bowl Champions.

Who is the Redskins RB that won the Heisman?

George Rogers, who won the 1980 Heisman Trophy as a running back for the University of South Carolina, played for the Washington Redskins from 1985 to 1987. He originally was selected by the New Orleans Saints in 1981 as the first overall selection of the NFL college draft. Rogers was announced as the starting running back for Washington in Super Bowl XXII against the Denver Broncos. But he did not play because of injuries. His replacement, running back Timmy Smith, set a new Super Bowl rushing record of 204 yards in the Redskins' 42-10 title win over the Broncos.

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