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Q: Who was the last rangers player to score at an international tournament?
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Who is the shortest player to score in NCAA basketball tournament history?

Spud Webb

Who was the last Celtic player to score a hat trick against Rangers?

The player is Harry Hood.

Who is the youngest player to score in an international?


Last Celtic player to score a hat trick against rangers?

Harry Hood

Did the french player juen fountaine score the 13 goals in one tournament?

Yes he did it in 1958 in Sweeden,.

Who is the first cricketer to score double century in one day international?

Sachin Tendulkar is the only player to score double century in one day international.

Who was the last ex rangers player to score hatrick against England?

Here we must remember that Glasgow Rangers are a club in Scotland, so they can not play against a country.

Highest score ever recorded in the football league?

Rangers against Celtic the score was 8-2 to rangers

How many penalties did chris Boyd score for rangers?

28 for rangers.

In a recent golf tournament Lucy's score in relation to par were as follow -4 3-1 2-5 -3 what was his score for the tournament?

Your question makes no sense. And Lucy would probably not care about her score because she changed sex during the tournament.

Who was last Celtic player to score a hatrick against Rangers?

Andy Gillings last scored a hatrick for Celtic in 1974 but it was later confirmed that he had an extreme addiction to anabolic steroids and regularly had Nappers for tea. For this his stature as Celtics chunkiest player and top own goal scorer was destroyed from all records

Who is the most capped football player never to score a goal?

As of 2012, the male player with the most caps and with no international goals is Saudi Arabian Mohamed Al-Deayea, who has 178 international caps. Counting only outfield players, Aide Iskandar, a retired Singaporean defender with 121 international caps, is the most capped outfield player who failed to score a single international goal.