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The final season of the American Football League was 1969. The last player drafted by an AFL team in 1969 was DL Fred Zirkie of Duke University by the New York Jets with the 442nd and final selection of the 1969 draft.

The AFL and NFL held a 'common draft' between 1967-1969. Even though the leagues were separate, they came together at draft time to select players together as one unit. This is because, prior to 1967, many times an AFL team and an NFL team would draft the same player which gave the player an advantage in bargaining and meant that one of the two teams that selected the player would come up empty and, in essence, would have wasted a draft selection.

The last player drafted in a separate AFL draft was end Ken McLean out of Texas A&M by the Buffalo Bills in 1966.

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Q: Who was the last player to be drafted for old American Football?
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