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The NFL Draft designates the last player drafted as such.

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Q: In what sport and event do you name someone Mr. Insignificant?
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Name for sport event?

The Olympics

What is the name for a ten event sport?

The Too-Much-Free-Timeathalon

What name is given to someone who is not paid to take part in a sport?


Which agency do sport event photography suggest some name?

The big one is the Associated Press.

Where did golf's The Masters get its name?

The Masters Tournament is an invitation-only event that hosts the best players in the sport.

This word starts with an 'A' It is the name of someone who excels at a sport. what is the word?

the word is athlete.

This word starts with an ''A''It is the name of someone who excels at a sportWhat is this word?

An athlete excels at a sport. It begins with the letter a.

What is the name of the sport that is played with a metal ball that you have competitions with to see who throws the farthest?

Shot put. It's a track and field event usually.

What does the name sprat mean?

the name sprat was actually used as a term to insult other being once upon a time it would means that either you were an insignificant being a what kids like to consider a noob (someone whom has just started and therefore not as good as others might be in something) or either someone who likes or liked someone of the same gender that is what the name sprat means

How much money does a athlete get from sports?

It depends what sport and how good they are. For example someone like Kobe Bryant would get paid more than someone who is a no name and is a backup.

What is the name of the World Cup stadium?

There is a world cup for every sport. Even if one sport is defined, the event occurs multiple times, in multiple venues. Hence there are hundreds of places which would count, not just a single one, and one sport is still a large subset of these.

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Sport Farters

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