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Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds was the last player-manager in Baseball.

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Q: Who was the last player to act as general manager for his team?
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Who decides how much to pay an NBA player each year?

The owner and general manager of the team the player plays for.

How do NBA get job pay?

NBA players sign a contract when deciding to play for that team. Then the general manager of that team gives the player a check.

Who decides the MLB disabled list?

If you mean "Who decides on which player goes to the disabled list" that would be the general manager of the team.

Who is the present general manager of the Dallas Cowboys?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also serves as the team's general manager.

What is the salary of an NFL General Manager?

The general manager of an NFL team is usually the highest paid employee of the club and reports to the CEO of the team. The salary of an NFL general manager is typically between $1 million and $3 million dollars a year.

Role of general manager?

A general manager of a sports team is responsible for the smooth operation of the business. He or she is responsible for the financial and staff related issues.

What team does John Paxson serve as General Manager in 2005?


What basketball team was Michael Jordan a General Manager?

The Washington Wizards

Who is the current general manager of Oakland A baseball team?

Billy Beane

Last manager of England football team?

Fabio Capello

Whose job is it to put players on the mlb roster?

All Major League teams are different some teams will allow the team Manager to make those decisions on adding players to their Major League roster while some teams will have their General Manager make those decisions on the makeup of their Major League roster and there are some teams where it can be a collective effort between the team Manager and the General Manager or even between the team Manager, General Manager and either the President and/or the owner.

Is Wayne gretzky a general manager?

Wayne Gretzky Is not a General Manager of any NHL Hockey Team right now He was the Coach of The Phoenix Coyotes From 2005-2009

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