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Q: Who was the last number 1 seed to win the championship?
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Has a number 1 seed ever won the championship in college basketball?

Yes last number 1 seed to win was Duke in 2010

What is the lowest seed to win a NBA championship?

1995 Houston Rockets, a 6th seed.

What 8 seed team was the lowest seed to win a championship in the last 20 years?

Villanova. They shocked The one seed Michigan in the second round and go on to beat One seed Geogetown in the final game of the tunament.

What team was the lowest seed to win a championship?

Since seeding was added as a component of the NCAA men's basketball tournament in 1979, the lowest-seeded team to win the championship was Villanova, whichwas a #8 seed in 1985.

When did the 8 seed make it to the final four?

In 1985 Villanova won a national championship as an 8 seed beating Georgetown the highest seed ever to win a national championship

Who was last No 8 seed to win the Stanley Cup?

2011 NCAA Final Four, #8 seed Butler, facing #11 seed Virginia Commonwealth. 1985 NCAA Final Four, #8 seed Villanova, defeated #1 Georgetown to win the National Championship. 1980 NCAA Final Four, #8 seed UCLA, lost to #2 Louisville in the National Championship game.

When did heat win their last championship?


When did the patriots win there last championship?


How many times has a number four ranked team win the March Madness championship?

Through 2012, only Arizona (1997) won the championship as a #4 seed. (There were no seeds prior to the 1979 tournament.)

When did Miami Heat win their last championship?


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What was the lowest ranked college team to win the ncca basketball championship?

Villanova as an 8 seed