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Louis Saha against Blackpool in 05.02.11

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G Sharp

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ian rush

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Q: Who was the last everton player to score four goals in a league match?
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What was the first premier league match?

everton vs west ham

Who is the best everton player of all time?

Dixie Dean, the best everton player ever, even died watching an everton match R.I.P

What was the chealsea and everton score?

The English Premier League match between Chelsea and Everton on Wednesday 22/04/2009 finished 0-0.

How many goals will a player score to take the football in a match?

Traditionally, any player who scores three goals in a match is given the match ball.

Is torrs playing vs everton?

Today's Liverpool FC v. Everton FC Premier League match does not feature Fernando Torres - neither in the starting eleven or on the substitute's bench.

Who has scored 4 goals in a premier league match?

Alan Sherer

What is the most goals in a premier league match?

I think it is nine in a match between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs.

Player to score most goals in match?

Is it Ronoldhino.

How many goals doesvan persi have in premier league 2011?

30 goals until today's match 19.11.2011

Who won the match everton v everton dc on the 4th of august 2010?

Everton Won 2-0 (English)

What is the probability of Everton winning against Liverpool in their next match?

0% Everton are woeful.

Most goals scored in a match by a Man United player?

Sir Bobby Charlton - 249 goals