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Q: Who was the last all white team to win the ncaa mens basketball tournament?
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When does the 2008 NCAA mens basketball tournament END?

last year it ended

What is the official basketball for the ncaa mens basketball tournament?

The Wilson Soultion

What was the first year of the NCAA mens' basketball tournament?


Who won the mens NCAA basketball tournament in 1996?


When is the last time the pitt mens basketball team won a national champion?

Pittsburgh has never won the NCAA men's tournament

How many Clemson ACC mens' basketball tournament championships?

Clemson has one ACC tournament title.

Which mens basketball team has the most NCAA tournament wins without ever winning it all?

Which mens basketball team has made the most NCAA tournament appearances without winning a championship?Notre Dame

All teams that have won the NCAA mens basketball tournament?

Click the link:

How are the host cities chosen for the mens NCAA basketball tournament?

There is a draft that is held in Alaska.

Who holds the most ncaa tournament wins in basketball mens?

Ucla with 11 hope it helps

How many states are represented in the 2009 NCAA mens basketball tournament?

32 States are represented

When was the last time a white guy started for georgetown mens basketball team - the date and player?

Allen iverson 1995