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it's not don hutchison

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Q: Who was the last Scotsman to score against England?
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Who was the last scotsman to score against England in an international?

Ray Houghton - he was born in Scotland, but scored the winning goal for the Republic of Ireland against England at Euro 88

Who was the last Scotsman to score a first team goal against Chelsea?

Phil Bradsley (86') -Sunderland 3 Vs Chelsea 4

Who was the last Scotsman to score in an fa cup final?

Brian McClair. 1994/5?

Who was the last England player to score a hatrick against Scotland?

Jimmy Greaves in 1961

Who was the last player to score a hat trick for England?

Theo Walcott against Croatia.

Until walcott against Croatia Who was the last arsenal player to score for England?

Francis Jeffers at elland road against Australia

Who was the last scottish footballer to score against England?

Don Hutchison scored in the second leg European Championships play-off against England at Wembley in 1999.

When did Rooney last score a goal for England?

Rooney's most recent goal for England was a penalty against Iceland during the Euro 2016.

When was the last time England failed to score in a rugby international?

At the World Cup, in the pool stages, against South Africa.

Who was the last player to score a hat-trick against England?

The last player to score a hat-trick against England was Marco van Basten of Holland, on 15 June 1988, during the European Championship finals in Germany. The match, which took place at the Rheinstadium, Düsseldorf, finished 3-1

Last Celtic player to score hat rick against Rangers?

last Celtic player to score a hatrick against rangers

When did Kevin pietersen last score 100 for England?

He got 213 against Australia in the 2nd test of the 2010 ashes series

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