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Q: Who was the last NFC team to win the super bowl?
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Will the NFC team be home team in 2013 super bowl?

The NFC will where their home colors in the 2013 Super Bowl and will play in an NFC stadium.

Who exactly was the last NFC team to win the Super Bowl?

As of 2009, the last NFC team to win the Super Bowl is the New York Giants. They beat the AFC champions New England Patriots 17-14.

When the NFC wins the pro bowl do they win the Super Bowl?

No, when the NFC wins the pro bowl, the NFC team playing in the Super Bowl wins home field advantage.

Who was the first NFC wildcard team to win the Super Bowl?

The New York Giants were the first NFC wildcard team to win the Super Bowl in 2008, Super Bowl XLII

Can an AFC team play an AFC team in the Super Bowl?

no the super bowl must be an AFC team against an NFC team

Is the Super Bowl one AFC and one NFC?

Yes - The Super Bowl is ALWAYS - the top AFC team that makes it through the playoffs without a defeat and the top NFC team that does the same!!! It is the last game of the year (in 2010) and is always between an AFC team and an NFC team - as these were once completely different leagues!!!!

How does a team qualify for the Super Bowl?

A team qualifies for the Super Bowl by winning either the AFC or NFC Conference Championship game.

National football conference team that has not played in the Super Bowl?

The sole NFC team that has not played in a Super Bowl is the Detroit Lions.

Who is home team in super bowl 45?

The NFC and AFC alternate every year for home team. This year it will be the NFC.

What NFC team has never gone to the Super Bowl?

The Detroit Lions.

What nfl confernce is the home team for 2011 super bowl?


What NFC team won most Super Bowls?

As of the 2007 season, the Cowboys and 49ers are tied with the most Super Bowl wins for an NFC team with 5.

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