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You have to go back to Howard Wilkinson's Leeds United, champions in 1992.

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Q: Who was the last Manager to win the football 1st division who was a Englishman?
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Who is the last manager of the Liverpool Football Club?

The Current Manager of Liverpool Football Club is Rafael BenitezHowever the manager before that was Gerard HoullierRafael Benetiz

Last manager of England football team?

Fabio Capello

Who was the Last football team to win old first division?

Leeds United was the last team to win the old football first division.

Should football manager interviews be abolished?

Absolutely, football as well and make this the last Olympics.

Does the University of Vermont play football?

Yes, but not in a Division 1 status. The University of Vermont's Football team is club sport. The last time UVM had a Division 1 football team was 1974

Who was blackburn football club manager the last time they won the league?

Kenny Daglish!

Who was the last English manager to win the first division before the premiership?

Howard Wilkinson Leeds Utd

Last NCAA division one football team to be ranked number 1 in preseason and was the national champion?


When was the last time Blackpool were in the premiership?

Blackpool have never been in the Premiership. They were last in the top flight of English football, the old Division 1, in 1972.

Who was the last Englishman to win at the Wimbledon open tennis championships?

In Wimbledon "the open era", no englishman has won the title.

Who was Liverpool football club manager the last time they won the league?

Kenny dalglish in 1990 Kenny dalglish in 1990

Who was the last amateur to play in the English Football League First Division?

howard kendall Don't think he was the last - see Discussion.howard kendall Don't think he was the last - see Discussion.