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Montreal Expos. They changed to the Washington Nationals in 2005.

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Q: Who was the last MLB team to retire?
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What team does a MLB player retire with?

The team they last played with

Can you retire in mlb 2k11 my player mode?

Yes you can you have to complete all of the hall of fame goals.Then you can choose to retire but when you become 35 that is your last year then you have to retire

Last team to integrate in MLB?

The Boston Red Sox.

Who was the last 300 career hitter to retire from MLB?

Nomar Garciaparra, a career .313 hitter, retired after the 2009 season.

What was the last MLB team to win the world series then miss the playoffs?


Which is the Winnignest MLB team in the last 15 years?

New york Yankees

How many times has a team scored a run in every inning of a regulation MLB game and which team was the last to do it?


Did Eddie House retire?

He was waive off from his last team Miami Heat. Currently he is not playing for any team from the NBA.

Which team in the mlb was the last to win at home in the world sierees?

The Yankees last year... Game 6 over the Phillies

When was the last time a MLB team made the playoffs on the last day of the season and went on to won the world series?


What MLB team has best winning percentage the last 5 years?

Tampa bay rays

How does a team in the mlb get the first overall pick?

Like other pro sports, the team finished last and with the worst record, or you trade for it.