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Howard Wilkinson Leeds Utd

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Q: Who was the last English manager to win the first division before the premiership?
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Has Oxford united ever played in premiership?

No,but they played in the "first division" in 1986. The first division was the highest league and the equivalent to the current premier league before its formation in 1992.

Who were the last team to win the football league before it became the premiership?

Leeds United won the 1st Division in 1991-1992, the last team to win it.

How many years has Coventry city had in the top division compared to Sheffield united?

Coventry City spent 34 seasons in the top division before they were relegated in 2001. Before that they had played mostly in Division 2 and, at the very start of their history, in the Birmingham League. Sheffield Utd have spent a total of 60 seasons in the top division of English football, although only one of those has been in the last 10 years - when they spent the 2006/07 season in the Premiership.

Who was the last English manager before harry redknapp to finish in the top four of the premier league?

who was the last English manager prem legue club to finish top four before season 09/10

Which team were the last to win the old English First Division before the creation of the English Premier League?

Leeds United

What should you drink before a soccer match?

Energy drinks like Lucozade are very common and are the main drinks for players in the English Premiership. GATORADE!!!

Who was the English national football team manager before sir alf ramsay?

Walter Winterbottom

What is the highest score draw in the English football league?

In the premier league the highest score draw is 4-4, im not sure about before the premiership though

Did carlos tevez come from Spain?

No. Tevez is originally from Argentina. Before joining West Ham United in the English Premiership, he was playing club football in Brazil.

How many Premeirship has Chelsea won?

English Premier League started in 1993 Chelsea won 3 EPL (2004-05,2005-06,2009-10) Before that it was called First Division Chelsea won 1 FD (1954-55) So i would say Chelsea won 4 Premiership's.

Who is the manager of Gillingham FC?

The manager of Gillingham F.C. is Martin James Allen. Martin Allen is an English former football player who played 200 games in the English Premier League before ending his playing career.

How many times Liverpool won the premiership league?

Never, they have won 18 titles but all before 1993 when the premiership was first awarded

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