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Liverpool were the last English club to win the UEFA Cup, they did so in 2001. It is now called the Europa League.

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Q: Who was the last English club to win the UEFA cup?
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What was last british club to win uefa cup?

The last English club to,win the cup was Liverpool in 2004-2005.

How many times won brazil the uefa cup?

UEFA CUP is played by UEFA clubs. Brazil is not a UEFA club.

Which club were the first English club to win the uefa cup?

Tottenham Hotspurs Tottenham Hotspurs Tottenham Hotspurs

How many trophies have manutd won?

Manchester United has won many trophies in English football, including a record 19 league titles, a record 11 FA Cups, four League Cups and a record 19 FA Community Shields. The club has also won three European Cups, one UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, one Intercontinental Cup and one FIFA Club World Cup. In 1998-99, the club won a Treble of the Premier League, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League, an unprecedented feat for an English club.

How many times have Chelsea won the uefa club world cup?

Chelsea have never been in the FIFA (not UEFA) Club World Cup. They make their debut in December 2012.

Who won the last uefa cup?


What cups have liverppol football club won?

Liverpool have won the Old 1st Division, Old 2nd Division, F.A. Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup, UEFA Champions League & UEFA Super Cup and Carling cup

What player has played in all English divisions fa and league cup champions league uefa cup uefa super cup intertoto cup fifa club championship commuity shield la liga and his country?

Kanu , and he is the only footballer to be relegated as well , with Portsmouth.

Who won the uefa cup final?

The Ukraine club Shaster Donstek.

What is the best English football club?

Liverpool is the 2nd bestEnglish club according to number of trophies, Wining 18 Domestic league, 7 FA Cup and 5 UEFA Champions League.Manchester United comes first, Wining 20 Domestic league, 11 FA Cup and 3 UEFA Champions League.Manchester United's 1998-99 season was the most successful in English club football history as they became the first team to win the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League -- "The Treble" -- in the same season, And Since Liverpool didn't won the Premier League since 1989-90, we can consider Manchester United as the best English club in the last two decades.

Who won last ever uefa cup?

FC Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) won the last UEFA Cup in Istanbul 2-1 against Werder Bremen (Germany).

Who did Greece beat in the UEFA cup and in what year?

The uefa cup is a club competition. Greece is a national team. A Greek club has never won this title as far as I know. Greece did win the uefa Euro 2004 competition. They beat the host team Portugal 1-0.

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