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Craig Kimbrel in 2011.

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Q: Who was the last Atlanta Braves Rookie of the Year?
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What is the last year the braves won a World Series before 1995?

First time as the Atlanta Braves. They won it as the Milwaukee Braves.

When was the Atlanta Braves last championship?

The Braves last won the World Series in 1995, beating the Cleveland Indians 4-2.

When was the last time the Atlanta Braves went to the World Series?


Who was the last Tiger to be named AL Rookie of the Year?

Justin Verlander was the last Detroit Tiger to win the Rookie of the year award, in 2006.

What kind of sports do they play in Georgia?

In Georgia, people play baseball, basketball and football. The teams are the Atlanta Braves, Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta hawks. The Winnipeg Jets used to be the Atlanta Thrashers, but moved to winnipeg last year.

What year did mike hearth play for Atlanta Braves?

Mike Heath played for the Braves in 1991, his last year in the majors. He batted .209, with one home run and 12 RBI in 49 games as Greg Olson's backup.

How much did Hank Aaron make as a baseball player?

Hank Aaron made $5,000. with the Milwaukee Braves in 1954 his rookie year, and a high salary of $250,000. in his last year with the Milwaukee Brewers.

What team did Hank Aaron play on in his last major league game?

The Atlanta Braves.

When did the Atlanta Braves last lose a game this season?

the last lost was Last night they played the dodgers and lost 8-6

Who was the last Atlanta Braves pitcher to win the Cy Young award?

Tom Glavine in 1998.

What team did the Minnesota Twins defeat when they won their last World Series?

The Atlanta Braves in 1991.

Who was the last left handed pitcher drafted in the 1st round by the Atlanta Braves?

mike minor

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