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Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates with 44.

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Q: Who was the home run leader in MLB in 1973?
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The MLB Home Run Derby typically lasts about 2.5 hours.

Why are MLB players not allowed to have metal bats?

because they would just hit home run after home run after home run

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Did Orlando mercado hit a home run in his first pitch?

Not in MLB ... although he did hit his first MLB home run in his 3rd ever at bat ... it was a grand slam.

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Did the MLB player Miguel Cabrera hit a Home Run in his first MLB at bat?

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What is the Major League Baseball home run record?

The MLB home run record is held by Barry Bonds with 762 home runs.

When did Will Clark hit home run off Nolan Ryan?

Will Clark hit 6 MLB home runs off of Nolan Ryan. 1) April 8, 1986 - Clark's 1st career MLB home run. 2) June 28, 1987 - Clark's 15th career MLB home run. 3) August 3, 1987 - Clark's 31st career MLB home run. 4) June 24, 1988 - Clark's 64th career MLB home run. 5) August 1, 1988 - Clark's 69th career MLB home run. 6) August 11, 1988 - Clark's 70th career home run. All six home runs came while Clark played for the San Francisco Giants and Ryan played for the Houston Astros.

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