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Joe Bedenk.

Bedenk coached one season (1949), taking over for Bob Higgins after Higgins retired due to health issues. Engle took over in 1950. Bedenk had been the offensive line coach under Higgins and returned to coaching the offensive line when Engle was hired.

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That was Bill Austin who was head coach from 1966-1968.

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Rip Engel between 1950-1965.

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Q: Who was the head football coach at Penn St before Joe Paterno?
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Who is the penn state football coach?

Coach Joe Paterno

Who is the oldest coach in football?

Joe Paterno Penn State head coach

Who coaches the Penn State football team?

Joe Paterno is the head coach of the Penn State football team.

Which coach has the most ncaa football victories?

Joe Paterno at Penn State

Who was oldest coach in college football?

Joe Paterno!! of the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Who was Penn State's head coach before Joe Paterno?

Rip Engle

Who has coached the most college football games?

Joe Paterno and Amos Alonzo Stagg are tied at 548.

Who is the Penn State Nittany Lions head football coach?


Who has coached the longest at their current ncaa school in football?

It is Joe Paterno from Penn State, he has been the head coach of the Nittany Lions since 1966. He has been with Penn State since 1950 though serving as an assistant coach before taking the head coach position in 1966.

How long has Joe Paterno been head coach?

Joe Paterno has been the head coach of Penn State for 43 seasons.

How long has joe paterno been the head coach at penn state?

41 seasons

Who was the Walter Camp Coach of the Year in 1994?

In 1994, Joe Paterno of Penn State was the Walter Camp Coach of the Year.