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Q: Who was the football player that broke his neck but carried on playing?
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What was the injury JFK received while playing football?

he broke his wrist

The boys broke the window when they were playing the football o the boys broke the window when they played football?

If you take away the 'the' in the first sentence they are both gramatically fine.

What are the risks and hazards associated with playing football?

broke bones, concussions, sprains, tears

Who broke marsha brady's nose in the brady bunch?

the brady boys were playing football

Who Broke Marsha's nose on The Brady Bunch?

It was greg. When he and bobby were playing football, it hit her.

What football player broke the most records?

colt brennan with 58 touchdowns

Has a football player ever drowned while playing football?

Yep. In 1956, Tad Wettfitte overran the endzone at Sniblet field, broke through the fence into the adjacent natatorium, where he drowned. Since then, in his honor, many groups have started football pools.

Has anyone jumped into the endzone and gotten hurt in football?

yes, Adrian Peterson broke his collar bone while diving in the endzone while playing football at Oklahoma.

Is miles Austin single?

Of course not he just broke up with kim kardaishion for some reason he is a cute football player

What did jems dad do to her in hollyoaks?

he did do anything to her he broke her boyfriends legs while playing football with him so he wouldn't see his daughter again that is why she left

Who was the first player to break the color barrier in 1946?

No one broke the color barrier in 1946, however in 1947 Jackie Robinson broke it by playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Who is Kim Kardashions boyfriend?

Kim Kardashian is currently single. She was dating Saints football player Reggie Bush off and on but they recently broke up. She has been linked to Austin Miles another football player for the Dallas Cowboys.

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