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Larry Byrd

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โˆ™ 2006-01-08 13:15:54
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Q: Who was the first white NBA superstar?
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Does nba live 06 have a superstar mode?

There is no superstar mode but there is superstar difficulty.

Is NBA live 2009 going to have superstar mode?


Who was the first white man to win the NBA MVP award?

That would be Bob Pettit, the first winner of the NBA MVP award.

What is NBA superstar Tony Parker's shoe size?


Which college did NBA superstar Grant Hill go to?


What NBA superstar was known as the big dipper?

Wilt Chamberlain

What is NBA superstar Manu Ginobili's shoe size?


Who is The No1 NBA Superstar?

A number 1 NBA star is nobody. that person is the person u look up to

What NBA Superstar Was Known As The Mailman?

Karl Malone was nicknamed "The Mailman".

Who was the last white man to get drafted first in the nba?

Larry Byrd

What NBA team does music superstar Nelly own part of?

Charlotte Bobcats

Who is Gloria James?

Gloria James is the mother of NBA superstar, LeBron James.

What former nba superstar played for the Harlem globetrotters?

Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlin

What is the bests job?

i like to sing so a superstar but i also love basketball so a nba girl player or a superstar and do a duet with Justin bieber

Who was the first WWE superstar ever?

Rick Flair was the first ever WWE superstar.

First White Canadian to play in NBA?

Doubt this is right, but maybe Steve Nash.

Who was the first white person to enter NBA slam dunk contest?

brenden pipurt

What is the Religion of WWE Superstar Batista?

Italian,and White

What nba team is usher part owner?

Music superstar Usher is part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He joined one of the top NBA teams featuring superstar Lebron James. He is following suit after Jay-Z, who is part owner of the New Jersey Nets.

Books that were released on August 271995?

Puppy love,football NBA Superstar,and Harold the mouse magician!!!!!!!!

Is there such a thing as palming in basketball any more?

yes palming does still exist in the nba. superstar players just get away with more than their lesser nba peers.

What college did NBA player D.J. White play for?

NBA player D.J. White played for Indiana.

When was the first NBA finals?

The first NBA Finals were in 1955.

Does the NBA have diversity?

not much the nba is primarily black but there are some white players

Where was Jesus Christ Superstar first performed?

Jesus Christ Superstar was first performed at the Mark Hellinger theatre on October.12,1971.