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Li Na

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Q: Who was the first tennis player from China to win a singles Grand Slam title?
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Which woman tennis player won the maximum no of grand slam singles titles in the history of tennis?

Margaret Court

Tennis player who has won the most number of grand slam singles?

Rod Laver with 184 singles titles. Federer doesn't even come close - he has won only 53 titles. Martina Navratilovawon 167 women's singles titles, i believe that this is the record

Who Male Tennis player who has won the most number of grand slam singles?

It is one and only "ROGER FEDERER"

Which appropriately named tennis player has won a record 62 Grand Slam titles singles doubles and mixed?

The appropriately named player is Australian tennis legend Margaret Court.

What is Lindsay Davenport famous for?

Lindsay Davenport is a former number one professional tennis player. She has an Olympic gold medal in tennis singles and holds three Grand Slam singles tournament titles.

What is the highest achievement of the tennis player Amelie Mauresmo?

Amelie Mauresmo is a former professional tennis player that won two Grand Slams singles titles, one at the Australian Open and the other one at Wimbledon.

What former World No 1 professional woman's tennis player said the following about the multi-Grand Slam singles?

Billie Jean King

Who is Stan Smith is relation to Adidas?

Stan Smith is an American tennis player who won the Grand Slam singles title twice. His relation to Adidas is that there is a style of Adidas tennis shoes named after him.